Monster Truck Party

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The baby turns 3 in just a couple of days.

I wasn’t concerned when the oldest turned 5.  I even dropped him off at Kindergarten and didn’t shed a tear.

But the BABY turning 3?  Where has the time gone?

For the last year, he’s been obsessed with Monster Trucks.  Its actually his response to everything.

Me:”How old are you?”

Almost 3:  “Big Monster Truck”

Me: “What do you want for lunch?”

Almost 3: “Wrecking Crew Monster Truck”

So, naturally, when asked what kind of birthday party he wanted to have… you know what he said.

I decided after 5’s birthday party that I would no longer hand out goodie bags.   I mean does anyone keep the stuff in them anyway?  I’m not knocking it- my boys are SO excited in the car on the way home from a party.  They pull out each item as if they have found gold.  “Mom, did you see this sticker?”  “Mom, no way!  Bubbles!!!!”  After a couple of days though, I get excited to find all those little things that would eventually end up under the couch and/or chewed up by the dog and I throw them away.    So, I decided to change our party game plan and hand out t-shirts instead.  Right now, it’s easy- we constantly hang out with same crew.  There’s 7 boys in total.  The oldest is 6 and the youngest is 6 weeks.

I’m digging the way they turned out.

I started by cheating.  I bought a pack of different colored t-shirts all in size 4.  Turns out this was a great game plan and fit everyone who was size 3 up to size 5 perfectly (everyone but the baby!).  The stencil and the paint were not that expensive either!  At the time of purchase, I bought all my supplies for under $30 and I had supplies left over.

To be honest, it probably cost the same as the goodie bags.  It might have taken a little longer to put together- each shirt took about 15-20 minutes- but I feel like it was really worth it.  I’m also really excited to see how the group pictures will turn out.

Thanks for stopping by!  I can’t wait to post the recipes and décor from the party this Saturday!