Paper Chain Craft

Looking for an easy way to count down the days to Christmas?  This paper chain can help!

It’s also such an easy craft for the kids to make.  We make these as part of our 25 Days of Christmas.  All you need is scissors, construction paper, and a glue stick.

First, cut your construction paper.  We like to alternate our chain links with red and green.  The best way I found to cut them was to fold the construction paper in half, then fold each of those halves in half.

Cut each quarter into 3 strips.  That way you have 12 strips in each color (24 days until Christmas)!

Use the glue stick on one end and then form a ring.

Alternate colors.

Keep it up until you have 24 links.  Then each morning, rip off one chain until you reach Christmas Eve.  Throw the last chain away cause tomorrow Santa Clause will have arrived!!!!

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