Fabric Flowers

I’ve made these for a couple of different occasions, but one thing that comes to mind when I think of Valentine’s Day is FLOWERS! The great part about these Fabric Flowers is that you can use them year after year…

These are really easy to make. You’ll need:

  • Fabric of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • Stem– I used these wooden dowels that I found on Amazon and they were perfect. (This is an affiliate link which means I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase. There is no change in the cost to you!)

Cut your fabric into 5 x 5 inch squares. At first, I was very particular about my measurements, cuts, and straight lines. However, the more flowers I made, the more I realized that I did not need to be exact. You’ll need about 10 squares- 9 will be petals and 1 will be the base of the flower.

My crooked 5 x 5 squares

Fold each square in half. Then, fold in half again.

Take one square and round off the edges. Then, cut the middle so it unfolds into a circle with the middle cut out. Cut from one edge to the middle. This will be what you glue all the petals onto.

Next, the petals. Take your remaining 9 squares and scallop the open edges (not the 2 folded sides). Again, you don’t have to make these cuts perfect. From experience, I liked the rounded edges of the petals better than not cutting them at all.

Then, we hot glue them. Unfold once. Hot glue in the middle. Then, press back together. Add hot glue along the outer edge of the same side. Then bring one side of the petal down and press into place.

Repeat with other side and now you have a petal!

Once the petals are complete, lay your circle “base” good side face down. Make sure to leave about 1/4″ on each edge so you will have space to glue the base to your stem. Glue each petal onto the base. You can move the petals closer together, depending on how full you want the flower to be.

For this flower, I used 8 petals. Its not an exact science. Just go with what you love and what you think looks great!

Next, add the stem. You want to make sure the length of the rod is “behind” the flower. Give it a practice roll without glue to make sure you have it right! Then, when you are happy and comfortable with the process, get your hot glue gun out, again. Glue the extra edge of fabric to your wooden rod and begin to roll.

I added a little more hot glue around petal 3 and 6. Tuck the petals in, or fan them out a little more, as you roll around the stem. Finally, tuck in and glue the remaining fabric for a clean flower base.

I love these fabric flowers. For Valentine’s Day, I gave them as gifts, but I have non holiday ones in my office. Great thing is, I can use them as long as I want, then change out the patterns when needed. Where will you display your fabric flowers?

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